Why We Do It


Working with communities is important to CCT. We value our communities and want to help them by minimising the waste disposal and health problems associated with tyre waste. Tyre yards are an unnecessary and dangerous eyesore on urban and rural landscape. Tyres are at a high risk for combustion when bundled or bailed together, due to their inflammability.  Their dark colour absorbs heat from sunlight and rubber is a poor conductor of heat.

Tyre fires can easily occur when tyres are bundled together. They are notoriously difficult to extinguish, as seen in the tragic incident that took place in Fforestfach, near Swansea inWales in 2011 when it took over three weeks for the blaze caused by a tyre fire to be extinguished.  During this time the surrounding community was exposed to the gases it emitted such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

We aim not only to eliminate the problems caused by waste tyres, but to also positively contribute to the community in several ways:

Job Creation

Our carbon neutral plants will potentially provide 100 jobs to the community during the build phase and 60 “green” jobs thereafter, with potential for further growth and the potential to providing €20 million worth of investment.

Helping the Environment

Through our patented technology process for treating waste tires, we provide a completely safe and green alternative to dumping tyres. Our process also has the ability to generate low carbon energy costing well below market rates.

Community Spirit

We aim to help community spirit. Our plans include which are not eyesores to the public, but  ones that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Our highly eco-friendly plant can be located close to residential or commercial areas, and can supply energy to surrounding houses and businesses.  We plan to engage fully with local communities and become a valued member of them.