Carbon Conversion Technology Ltd is in a prime position to be the first company in the world to offer the global tyre market a credible, high capacity, long term secure source of “Green” Carbon Black that can become an industry standard for sustainable tyre manufacturing in the 21st Century.

Carbon Black is a soot-like powder, used in the manufacture of tires as a binder to increase product durability.  Virgin Carbon Black is produced by burning heavy, dirty residual oil (left after refining), collecting and sorting the carbon particles produced, and managing environmental emissions. 90% of Carbon Black demand arises from the tire industry.

It has been demonstrated at an industrial scale, that Carbon Black can be continuously extracted from waste tire feedstock via pyrolysis. Widespread deployment of this pyrolysis technology to process 30 million tonnes of waste tires could produce up to 9 million tonnes of carbon black per year by 2030.  Even 10% of this figure could be an important alternative supply source for tire manufacturers, in the face  of their forecasted demand increases.

CCT Ltd’s Investment Potential:

  • Per tonne, up to €360 worth of materials can be reclaimed from tyres during CCT Ltd.’s carbon conversion process (e.g. Carbon Black).
  • Global demand for Carbon Black amounts to €9 billion annually
  • CCT Ltd. are able to transport tyres more cost effectively than its competitors, as it is the exclusive operator in the UK and Ireland of a single tyre compacting patent.
  • CCT Ltd. has procured a contract in North Africa, with a revenue potential of approximately €12 million.
  • CCT Ltd. are currently engaged in negotiations with state agencies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States about delivering renewable electricity and zero carbon district heating lower than current market rates

In November 2013, Irish Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan T.D., announced plans to introduce a full producer responsibility scheme in relation to the processing of waste materials. This proposal recommends that tyre producers and importers must become more financially responsible at the EOL (end-of-life) stage. Currently 50% of Irish operators in this sector don’t comply with regulations concerning waste management of tyres. This means that Ireland is not in line with European Union Directives (Directive 2008/98/EC) regarding the management of waste tyres.

CCT deal with waste tyres in an environmentally friendly way, using our patented technology. According to the Environmental Protection Agency 51%, or 38,673 tonnes, of waste tyres were unaccounted for in Ireland in 2011. In the future, a system will have to exist to account and manage these waste tyres. CCT can play an important role in providing that system.