How We Do It!

Carbon Conversion Technology Ltd. proposes a single “rim to bin” supply chain solution for the processing of waste tyres and the extraction and rescuing of useful materials.

One of the more significant elements of cost is the transport of tyres from the tyre producers by waste collectors to the disposal location. This is because of the shape of the tyre and the capacity of space they require in transport. CCT Ltd. has reduced the cost of waste tyre storage and transportation by 60% or more using a patent-protected and continuous technology.

 wheel change

 Tyres Are Removed From Rim As Normal

Compactor NewTyres Are Compacted To 1/3 Size

Our “rim to bin” strategy could provide a world first – enabling tyre manufacturers to track and destroy End of Life Tyres from the moment a tyre is removed from the wheel of a customer’s car to material recovery.

CCT Ltd. is the exclusive operator in the United Kingdom and Ireland of a single tyre compacting patent (US 20040041041), CompacTyre.  This patent protects a safe, low cost and repeatable method to size reduce single tyres enabling cost effective compaction at the retail point of waste tyre production. Compacting the tyre at this point ensures the maximum logistics saving across the tyre supply chain facilitates record keeping and guarantees the effective disposal of virtually all waste tyres. The logistics of transporting End of Life Tyres is a major contributor to the cost of Tyre Dervived Fuel production. Tyres are mostly empty space.  A 40ft container of tyres contains approximately 10 tonnes of material.  Compressing tyres prior to transportation can increase the numbers of tyres transported in this same container by up to 200%, with a commensurate reduction in transportation costs.

 Flat Tyres New

 Tyres Are Collected By Bespoke Carrier and Transported to Processing Plant

In the United Kingdom, both Kwik Fit and National Tyre have successfully evaluated CCT Ltd.’s CompacTyre device.  The savings from the transport of waste tyres can take considerable pressure of cost from Tyre Producers and facilitate the introduction and applicationof more effective Irish Government standards. The ability to operate this patent exclusively can enable CCT Ltd. to become the low cost collector of End of Life Tyres across Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.  This equates to a considerable market opportunity.