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Carbon Conversion Technology’s ‘Rim to Bin’ Strategy

Irish-based company, Carbon Conversion Technology Ltd, was founded in 2013 by Wayne O’Connell. Its goal is to develop facilities worldwide for the clean conversion of End-of-Life Tyres into their valuable constituent materials, using the most advanced thermal techniques and leading to the production of sustainable energy. Read More….


  • We remove end-of-life tyres from users in an economic, efficient and sustainable manner;
  • We use unique patented processes to break down waste tyres in an environmentally-friendly way;
  • We recycle valuable tyre components like rubber, steel and carbon black;
  • We create sustainable energy through the production of Tyre-Derived-Fuel.


  • Our service creates a positive impact on the environment and communities;
  • Tyres remain one of the most difficult waste materials for disposal. It can take 100 years for one tyre to decompose naturally;
  • Illegal dumping of tyres can cause high impact environmental disasters with spontaneous tyre fires and toxic leaching;
  • Our process of breaking down tyres produces sustainable energy in a cost efficient way.

How Our Process Works


Tyres are removed from the rim as they normally would be.


Tyres are then compacted to one third of their original size.


Tyres are collected and transported to processing plant.


Tyres are shredded and processed to produce carbon black and other byproducts.


Carbon Black is extracted and delivered to tyre manufacturers.


Carbon Black is then used in the tyre manufacturing process.